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Hello, my name is Eddy, and I am from South Carolina. My residence has lots of bugs and stinging insects which can be irritating sometimes. I have multiple hammocks for different purposes such as sleeping and camping. My love for nature makes me hike a lot. That is why I choose hammocks that come with bug nest to keep the insects away.

I will enlighten you on the types of hammock bug nets, as well as, considerations for a bug net. We will start with the following comparison table.

Types of hammock bug nets

Name Material Weight Check price
Eagles nest outfitters Nylon 16 ounces Check price on Amazon
Chill gorilla Bug net No-see-um netting 21 ounces Check price on Amazon
Legit camping  hammock net bug  



1.24 pounds

Check price on Amazon
Bear butt hammock bug net Polyester 12.8 ounces Check price on Amazon


Eagles nest outfitters

Are you looking for an affordable bite-free bug nest? This will only cost you $ 60. Eagle nest outfitters bug net is made from nylon taffeta. It has a ridgeline for your hanging purposes. You can also store your bug net in the bag easily thanks to the ridgeline.

You get maximum protection from this bug net due to its efficient double layer design. The insect shield technology enhances its functioning and makes it long lasting. Its guardian SL enhances protection, and you can attach it inside your storage bag.

Your hammock bug net appears in a sleeve shape that is streamlined. It is a no-see-um netting. It is also equipped with cord locks to help you set up the net during sleep time. You can use this net on an Eno hammock. I love the fact that this net provides me with enough space inside my hammock. Check it out here.


  • It is light
  • Has a reasonable price
  • Easy set up


  • The manufacturers do not treat the bug net.


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Chill gorilla 11 bug net

Chill gorilla 11 bug netYour 14-foot hammock will go well with this bug net. You can use it for both single and double hammocks. It is light-weight and breathable for proper ventilation inside your hammock. It comes with vertical zippers to secure your hammock. You can lie diagonally inside your hammock without restrictions from your bug net.

You can easily access your items without opening the entire hammock. Use the speed clips and stringer to set up your net on the hammock and enjoy a peaceful sleep free from bugs. It is a no-see-um bug netting and gives you 360° protection the whole night. The packaging comes with accessories and supplies for different outdoor activities such as hiking or camping.

The producers make this bug net suitable for different weather conditions. It comes with rain tarps design to withstand strong winds at night. The drawstring sack provides room for its storage. You can use the paracord to secure its ends. See this video for more details.


  • It is versatile
  • Comes with durable material
  • It is affordable.
  • Protects you from bugs
  • Allows proper air circulation


  • Some users complain that the zipper is not long lasting


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Legit camping hammock bug net

Legit camping hammock bug netIf you have a hammock that is 11 feet, you would want to consider this bug net. It is affordable and user-friendly. You can start by hanging the ridgeline and use the speed clips to attach your hammock. The material used to make this bug net is breathable polyester. Most nets allow small insects to pass through as you sleep. Legit camping hammock is different since it keeps even the smallest insects out of your sleeping hammock.

Your bug net comes with a zipper to enter or leave your hammock. The length of the bug net protects you by sealing your hammock off bugs. You can stretch easily and maintain different postures in your hammock. It also comes with a bag that is light for storage. A money back guarantee gives you options in case you are not satisfied with the bug net. Check this out here.


  • It provides you with a spacious interior
  • Keeps the bugs away
  • It is light
  • Suitable for most the camping hammocks.
  • It is affordable


  • It is heavier than most hammock bug nets.


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Bear butt hammock bug net

Bear butt hammock bug netRelax in your hammock without the fear of spiders crawling inside your hammock. This bug net is 100% proven to keep off even the smallest ants. It comes from fine polyester that is strong to increase durability. The mesh fabric takes care of no-see-ums.

Unlike other bug nets, this has 550 para cord which includes additional reflective tracers. Your set up only takes minutes due to the accessories for the purpose. The bug net is wide enough to avoid feeling cramped inside your hammock. You can use the diagonal zippers to enter and exit from your hammock. The design provides easy access to your items. Watch this video to learn more.


  • It is light-weight
  • The dual zipper makes it accessible
  • It is easy to set-up
  • The construction uses high quality material


  • During high humidity, you may not have enough airflow due to the material of your bug net.


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What should you consider before choosing a hammock bug net?

The setup

A hammock bug net should not give you a hard time to set it up. Consider the rating of bug nets before settling for one so that it is not challenging to put it up.

The netting material

Knowing the types of bugs in your location will help you to determine the type of bug net that you need. Since the nets have various sizes, choosing one with the smallest holes will keep the bugs away. For instance, you can keep no-see-ums away by selecting small holes while mosquitoes can go with large mesh.


Heavy-weight bug nets are more durable than light ones. It does not tear up quickly as you move. Lightweight nets will need a replacement after a short while since they are less durable.

The treatment

Consider a net that has gone through permeation pre-treatment. It may cost you more than a non- treated net but save you from bugs. You can also get the product separately.

The type

Hammock bug nets come in two forms. There are those that are built-in and those that stand-alone. The built-in type bug nets are better and take less time to set up in comparison with stand-alone bug nets.

Final thoughts

Many people use all kinds of methods to keep bugs off during outdoor activities. Instead of smelling like a bug repellant the whole night, choose a hammock bug net to serve the same purpose. You will love their safety and efficicency.


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