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Hi, I am Joanne, a student. College is the best experience of my life. Though most times it is fun hanging around with friends, sometimes, all I need is some alone time to relax and free myself from the noises and tension of exams. This is what led me to the internet to search for something that could do the trick. I found many forms of relaxation methods such as yoga, but I could not afford the sessions. Thankfully, I discovered the use of hammocks which were way cheaper than other types and could fulfill lots of needs.

I find out that I can get a single or double hammock for my alone time as well as when I needed company. The fantastic experience is what inspired me to share this idea with every college student out there. I will enlighten on why you need a hammock as well as the different types of hammocks you can consider for college.

Comparison table

Name Material Dimensions  Check price
Trek light gehammock Nylon Measures 6×10 feet and weighs 20 ounces Check price on Amazon
Eno hammock Parachute nylon Measures 112 × 74 inches and weighs 1lb 3 oz. Check price on Amazon
South America spreader bar hammock Cotton Measures 240cm × 130 cm Check price on Amazon
Grand track ultralight hammock Polyester Measures 9.5’ × 4.5’ Check price on Amazon


Why do you need a hammock as a college student?

Enhance interaction

Sharing double hammocks helps you interact with new people who can become your lifetime buddies. You can share a hammock before your afternoon class session and share ideas with a different people as you lie in flannel hammocks. Take advantage of the experience to interact with a person you like. It is a fun way to reach out to others.

Allows you to take naps

Sometimes, being a student means burning the midnight oil preparing for cats and exams. Your hammock allows you to take power naps during the day to compensate for the less sleeping hours. You can also use it to distress from college pressures. Your hammock can also be your bed at night.

Enables you to study

Your studying sessions do not have to come with tension. A hammock allows you to study without disruptions from roommates. A hammock can make you concentrate better than using your school library due to fewer distractions from people. It makes studying enjoyable since you eliminate too much seriousness as you study.

It’s a culture in most colleges

Most college students enjoy using hammocks for different needs. You need one to bond with people and hang out with buddies. You can go camping with you hammock or relax alongside the beach with your loved ones.

Which are the best hammocks for you?

South American Spreader bar hammock

This elegant hammock allows you to get enough vitamin D from the sun due to the open lying surface. It hinders the formation of shadows enabling you to lie in a lengthwise position. You can also rest diagonally on this hammock thanks to its weave patterns. Suspend your hammock tautly between two trees so that it is comfortable as you lie on it.

You can enjoy swinging from this hammock. The spreader bars on this hammock ensures that your weight is distributed evenly giving you stability as you lie on it. The fabric is made from cotton guarantying durability. It is also tender on your hands. You achieve both freedom and relaxation form this hammock.

Your luxurious hammock hinders pressure points to increase comfort. You can even sleep in it. Ensure that you store your hammock safely after the end of your period. I hope that the policies of your school allow hammock outdoors.


  • It is an open hammock thus, dries fast.
  • It is comfortable
  • Ideal for sunbathers


  • Not very stable due to the extra bar
  • The spreader also makes your hammock less portable


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Grand trunk ultralight hammock

Grand trunk ultralight hammockAs a student, there is barely enough money to pay for handouts, school tours, and food. If you are struggling financially but still need a hammock, grand trunk ultralight has got your back. The material of your hammock is polyester. It is not only affordable but also light and comfortable.

You can use this hammock when you are traveling or during a camp with your buddies. It can also work as a tent as you travel or a sleeping pad at night. It comes with S-shaped hooks and stitches seams making your hammock strong enough to withstand your weight. It is also wide for your traveling needs and resistant to mildew. You can smoothly wash your hammock without damaging its fabric. Check out the video of this hammock here.


  • It is cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Not durable due to the material used
  • You have to buy the hanging straps separately


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Eno hammock

 Eno hammockAre you looking for a hammock that can help you bond with your best friend? Eno double nest hammock is what you need. It is made from nylon that is breathable and easy to dry after washing it. This hammock is comfortable and has a massive weight capacity. It also comes with Atlas ties for you to tie it on the poles or branches of a tree. You will enjoy the swinging of your hammock as the wind blows.

It helps you release stress as you enjoy the beauty of nature. Spend some time in an Eno hammock before your exams and experience the calming effect. You can quickly set it up and fold it inside its compression sack to store. Watch how this hammock works here.


  • It dries quickly after wash
  • High quality material
  • The set-up is quick
  • Portable


  • It can get cold while camping
  • Not comfortable for two people


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Trek light gear hammock

Trek light gear hammockDo you lose concentration trying to study in your room with your roommates around, you need a trek light gear hammock. This gives you both the peace of mind that you need to prepare for a project as well as comfort. It is light making it portable to carry around.

It is made of nylon and comes with a parachute design. The hammock is flexible in that you can set it up anywhere without limitations. It allows you to maintain the right positions to enhance your focus as you study. You can also use it during camps as well as beach relaxation moments. Fortunately, hammocks come with discounts for students so that you don’t have any excuse in getting one. Watch this to learn more about this hammock.


  • It is comfortable
  • Enhances stability
  • It is versatile
  • High quality material


  • Getting out of this hammock can be challenging.


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Final thoughts

Since I got my first hammock, I have fallen in love with them. I have one for my outdoor needs as well as my study time. There all kinds of hammocks for students depending on your purpose. Search a hammock that is strong enough to withstand your weight and made from durable materials. Make your college years exciting by going for a hammock.


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