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ENO is known for some of the most durable hammocks and hanging gear. These straps from this company are some of the strongest on the market.

You must have heard the story of Atlas, the Titan who was condemned to spend eternity holding back the sky. How strong he must have been to get this firm of punishment, no? Well, ENO took this Greek mythology and turned it into a set of hammock gear. Why do you think they named this set Atlas? Sure, right, the sheer strength of it.

If you have ever hung a hammock on trees or posts, you must have noted the effect the rope has on trunks. It eats into them, essentially destroying them. You are a co-creator and a lover of nature, and not a destroyer, which is why you will use tree straps to keep nature alive


Size and Construction

You get two straps in the set. They both weight 11oz, which is quite light for the combined load capacity they can handle. Together, they have 30 combined loops, and each handles 200lbs, which makes it a total 400lbs. Each strap is 9 feet long, making them able to go round wide tree trunks and still leave enough rope on the side. They are thicker that the default ropes that come with a hammock, which is how they prevent the digging into tree trunks.

Each of the loops is 4 inches long, and each is triple stitched for certainty. With equally strong carabiners, you will attach your hammock to these loops. Seeing as you have so many of them, you will have plenty of hanging options.


One of the most important aspects of a tree strap is that it should not stretch. Stretching will not only make it slide down the tree, but it will also make it less efficient. These straps are made of stretch-prone polyester that is not only strong but durable too. This move is a step away from the traditional material that ENO employs on their other straps, but the concept has received praise from reviewers.


They are black, with defined stitching on each of them. The package comes in a sizable pouch that you retain to carry the straps with after use. They are made of sturdy material, and so the thread will hardly get ruined but ensure that your carabiner does not pull at them.


  • The webbing is not tubular, and so it does not damage poles or trees
  • These straps are made of stretch-free polyester.
  • They are reasonably long – up to 9 feet each strap.
  • Each strap has 15 loops.



  • They are a bit expensive.
  • The load capacity is limited (400lbs).


This Is A Titan!

These straps have received a high number of positive reviews on Amazon. They are rated 4.9 stars out of a possible 5. This status only goes to show that they are as strong as the manufacturer claims. Users praise their strength and endurance, although there is a slight murmur bemoaning the load capacity. If you are looking for sturdy straps for your next adventure, ENO has you sorted.


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