Sunnydaze Desert Stripe Cotton Rope Hammock

If you thought spreader-bar hammocks were overrated, you haven’t met the Sunnydaze bed. Read on to see what it’s all about.

If comfort is your thing and the recliner is not doing enough, maybe you need to switch things up this summer. Get yourself a hammock for your backyard, and you will wonder how you ever lived without it in the first place.

This spreader-bar hammock is available online, and so you can have it shipped to your doorstep with all the hanging requirements. It is durable as long as you treat it well. The package includes the 12-feet hammock stand, polyester sleeping pad, and pillow, as well as all the hardware you will need to hang the hammock.


This Sunnydaze hammock comes with a stand for easy setup. This 12-foot steel stand is quite bulky, weighing over 30lbs, sand so you can imagine it is not the best for camping (unless you are driving to and from the site).

The stand is not shipped whole, as you would expect, but it comes with an illustrative manual. The hammock itself is already set on its bars, and so it should not take you long to get it on top of the stand.


The hammock bed measures 52*76 inches width and length. The ropes that you attach to the stand are cotton made, and they are sturdy to hold up to 275lbs. The hammock bed comes with a pad and pillow, both made of polyester. The pad is further with a weather resistant dyed solution to keep it good all year long. However, it is safe to keep it safe from the elements regardless of the material.

Appearance and Care

No lie, this hammock is a looker. The fact that it comes in a broad variety of colors only make it better. The bed itself is threaded ideally to prevent it from losing its shape. The white threads will not get dirty as the polyester pad will catch most of it.

When they do, warm water, a gentle brush, and mild detergent will do the trick. Unfortunately, the bars will not allow machine washing. You are not limited to hanging it on the stand. If that gets in your way, you can always pack it and hang it on a tree.

Specifics Of The Bed And Stand

Stand: The bars are made of steel, and they are 1.5inches in width.

Dimensions: 54*144*45 inches in length, width, and height. Weight: 36 pounds.

Hammock Bed: 52*76 inches in width and length.


  • Easy setup that does not need tools.
  • The threads do not come undone as long as you take good care of the bed.
  • · You can hang it without the steel stand.
  • The package comes with everything you need to set it up.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The stand is bulky and so not ideal for backpacking or camping
  • It is not machine washable
  • It is expensive



Summers just got better with this spreader bar and steel stand. It sets up fast, and the soft padding will not be affected by the elements. The price is a tad steep, but it is worth it as it is durable.


Comparison Table

Sunnydaze Hammock Best Choice Products Stansport Bahamas
Weight 36 lbs 48lbs 38lbs
Bed Size 52*76 inches
80” x 59”
37” x 73”
Load Capacity
400lbs 240lbs
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