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Trees straps do more than protect the tree from damage. They also keep the hammock stable as they a huge load capacity.

If you already own a hammock, you must know the joy that it brings and the level of relaxation you get. You also know that you will need tree straps for hanging. The primary reason why tree straps are required when you hang your hammock to trees or poles is to protect the tree from harm that will result from the rope digging into it.

Another reason is stability. The hammock will need something to keep it in place when you hang it, and tree straps supply that need. They keep it stable so that it can handle its load limit without swaying side to side.


The Formation

This tree strap set consists of 2 carabiners, hanging gear for your hammock, heavy duty loops, and the straps. You also get a little pouch for holding the set, even though the entire package is feather light. The straps are flat and wide, which is how they avoid scratching and harming the tree r side down.

Each tree strap measures 12-feet, and so they total for the both is 24 feet of sturdy strap to manage any tree or post. The attachment loops come in multiples as well, and so each set will consist of 20 of them. Each strap has a load limit of 700lbs, and since the set has two straps, the total weight limit is 1400lbs. The multiple loops give you several connection points. The size of the tree strap (12-feet) also gives you a lot to work with regardless of the tree distance or the trunk size.

No Stretch

Any strap worth its salt will not stretch, as that would compromise its ability to stabilize the hammock. These straps are polyester made, and so they do not move at all, ensuring that your hammock stays in the level where you hang it.

The stitching on the seams is super tight (with each loop triple-stitched), and the threads are almost impossible to pull even with an overly ambitious carabiner.

Easy Setup

Seeing as there are no complicated knots to learn, and the width of the straps will not allow it to tangle, set up happens fast. Regardless of your skill level, you will have this up and running in under 5 minutes. Takedown is equally easy, seeing that again the straps do not tangle.

The straps are rolled perfectly when you get the package. But naturally very few people have the time or patience to fold them back into that size every time after use. For that matter, the carrying pouch could be bigger, although that should not be a deal breaker, seeing as you can always purchase another in shops.


  • Super light for the weight they handle.
  • These straps can handle up to 1400lbs when combined.
  • The set comes with carabiners that could be handy when hanging the hammock.
  • They are made of sturdy material and superior stitching.
  • · It has several adjustable loops.
  • The width will not harm trees.



  • The pouch is too small.
  • They are suited for large tree trunks.


Get Yours!

If you do not want to wake up on the floor, you want to ensure that your hammock is strapped right for the ride. This set is a tad pricey than most on the market, but its quality is just as high.

Comparison Table

XL Hammock Straps SONGMICS Tree Straps Ohuhu 2 Pcs
Strap Length 24 feet 13.2 feet 18 feet
Load Capacity 1400lbs 600lbs 2000lbs
Getting started


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